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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review of recent SRO decisions in the post-Kelly era

There are 6 published State Review Office decisions since the resignation of Paul Kelly–3 by Frank Munoz (SRO 10-066,10-072, and 10-074) and 3 by Robert Bentley (SRO 10-069, 10-070 and 10-073). Munoz affirmed each of the 3 IHO decisions that he reviewed, including one in which a parent had prevailed (SRO 10-066). This particular case was affirmed not on the merits, however, but rather because the matter had become moot. Bentley, on the other hand, held for the district in all 3 cases. Two of these decisions reversed IHO decisions which had awarded private school reimbursement to parents (SRO 10-070, 10-073). It’s a strikingly familiar tune thus far, although it is likely premature to draw any definitive conclusions, particularly with respect to Munoz. Of import, it is my understanding that the Munoz–Bentley era is temporary and that there will be a new State Review Officer sometime in the near future.