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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Placement vs. location of services

OSEP addresses this issue in Letter to Trigg(11/30/2007) noting that historically “placement” is the “points along the continuum of placement options available for a child with a disability” and "location" is “the physical surrounding, such as the classroom, in which a child with a disability receives special education and related services.”

Public agencies are strongly encouraged to place a child with a disability in the school and classroom the child would attend if the child did not have a disability. However, a public agency may have two or more equally appropriate locations that meet the child's special education and related services needs and school administrators should have the flexibility to assign the child to a particular school or classroom, provided that determination is consistent with the decision of the group determining placement.

If a child's IEP requires services that are not available at the school closest to the child's home, the child may be placed in another school that can offer the services that are included in the IEP and necessary for the child to receive a free appropriate public education. If the child is placed in a school that is not the school closest to the child's home, transportation, if needed for the child to benefit from special education, must be provided as a related service at no cost to the parent, to the location where the IEP services will be provided.

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