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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Responsibility for implementation of the IEP

Oftentimes, school personnel are oblivious to the specifics in a child’s IEP. Sometimes, school personnel are not even aware that a child has an IEP. This is an unacceptable practice. New York State regulations require that “the chairperson of the committee on special education designates for each student one, or as appropriate, more than one professional employee of the school district with knowledge of the student’s disability and education program to, prior to the implementation of the IEP, inform each regular education teacher, special education teacher, related service provider, other service provider, supplementary school personnel, as defined in section 200.1(hh) of this Part, and other provider and support staff person of his or her responsibility to implement the recommendations on a student’s IEP, including the responsibility to provide specific accommodations, program modifications, supports and/or services for the student in accordance with the IEP”(8 NYCRR §200.2(b)(11)(iii); see also $200.4(e)(3)).

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