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Sunday, October 31, 2010

3rd Circuit affirms equitable, non-monetary compensatory education award

FERREN C. v. School Dist. of Philadelphia, 612 F. 3d 712 (3rd Cir. 2010): The student is 24 years old. She had previously been awarded 3 years of compensatory education, the funding of which was to come from a trust that the District had set up. The District, however, disputed the obligation to provide IEPs and serve as the LEA. The private school at which the student was to receive her comp ed required a student's home school district to sign the IEP and serve as the student's LEA. The parent’s requested a hearing to compel the District to provide IEPs and serve as the LEA. The District prevailed at hearing and at the state review level. The District Court, however, ordered the School District for the duration of the student’s three years of compensatory education to annually reevaluate her, provide her with annual IEPs, and serve as her LEA. In affirming the District Court, the Circuit Court found that the Court’s power to award equitable relief is not limited to reimbursement. Rather, the Court has the power to award non-monetary equitable relief and that the non-monetary relief awarded by the Court here was appropriate.

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