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Thursday, December 16, 2010

SRO finds for parent on summer school reimbursement claim

SRO 10-095: This appears to be the first reversal in favor of a parent by the new SRO, Justyn Bates. The parents challenged the appropriateness of the district recommended summer program and sought reimbursement for 2 months of a Lindamood Bell program. The IHO found for the parent. In a well reasoned decision, the SRO found that the CSE had failed to discuss or consider privately obtained psychoeducational and speech language evaluations, that the IEP failed to contain adequate information about a good number of the student’s identified needs, that the IEP failed to identify adequate goals to address these needs and that “thus, without an IEP that accurately identified the student's special education needs, the CSE failed to recommend an appropriate placement.” Also of note, the SRO found that the 10 day notice of intent to seek reimbursement requirement was satisfied by the submission more than 10 days prior to the start of the summer program of the hearing request in which reimbursement was requested.

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