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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

SDNY rejects parent appeal of SRO decision in Connors type case

S.W. v. NYC Bd. of Ed., 2009 WL 857549 (SDNY March 30, 2009): In affirming SRO 07-032, the SDNY(Judge Koeltl) held that the parent failed to give notice of her claim for funding of the private placement. The parents sought direct payment to the private school as opposed to reimbursement. As such, this was what is colloquially referred to in N.Y. as a “Connors” case. By deciding the case on the equities, the Court avoided having to decide the issue of whether a parent may be entitled to prospective relief in the form of direct payment to a private school, but the Court does discuss the issue and concludes that “ In a case where the equities favor such an award, there may be good reasons why direct tuition payment should be a remedy available to a needy parent, on either a prospective or retrospective basis.” This case is a must read for attorneys litigating Connors cases. There is extensive treatment of whether the parent has standing to bring such a claim. Here, the Court answered in the affirmative.

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